About Us

The Tennessee Foster and Adoptive Care Association is a non-profit organization that functions as an advocacy support group for resource parents throughout the state of Tennessee. We encourage and motivate foster and adoptive parents, as well as any other interested member of the community, to work together to promote the general welfare of foster children. We assist in communications between foster and adoptive parents and others concerned with the growth and development of foster children. First and foremost, we are spokespersons for foster and adoptive parents and the children under their care and custody.

Membership is open to all foster or adoptive parents, employees of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, and citizens concerned about the wellbeing of foster and adoptive parents and children. If you would like to become a member of the TFACA, please complete an application for membership. Active members must pay annual dues, and will have the right to vote and be eligible for election as officers or directors of the TFACA. Our organization is also comprised of associate members who belong to local chapters, associations, and organizations across the state.