Press Releases

  • July 5, 2014 - Tennessee Community Services Agency

The Tennessee Community Services Agency, which has the contract to provide administrative oversight to the state’s volunteer foster care advocacy program, suspended ties with six of the advocates on July 1. While this situation was not a total surprise, events unfolded very quickly over the past few days.

The Tennessee Community Services Agency has a plan in place to make sure that any foster parent who needs an advocate will have one quickly. For those who have questions, TNCSA Program Director Jennifer McGhee, can be reached at 865-314-9422.

TFACA fully supports the Tennessee Community Services Agency, and we are comfortable with the plan in place to maintain a strong pool of advocates. The plan is working well and parents have competent and professional advocates at their disposal. Our partnership with CSA has improved the Advocate Program’s service and grown its access to resource parents in Tennessee.

The DCS staff in each region of the state is also apprised of the availability of advocates in their region, their names, and contact information.

Thank you for your support and feel free to contact Ms. McGhee at CSA for advocate assistance.